The pace of eSIM adoption is speeding up

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The wait is over…


It’s official! Apple has announced during its 2022 event that all the US versions of iPhone 14 are now eSIM only, and will no longer have a SIM tray. The iPhone 14 can store up to six eSIMs, while the iPhone 14 Pro can hold eight with all models having the ability to support up to 2 eSIMs active at once.

One step forward towards the eSIM adoption! Apple is pushing for the wide acceptance of this technology starting with the US market. This news will be ushering a new era for the eSIM connectivity for both users and operators. For the time being, this model is limited to the US market, but the excitement for what’s coming next has just started. Are more markets coming progressively? Are more device manufacturers likely to follow Apple’s footsteps soon? Are operators globally getting ready for this digital transformation?

Operators, what are you still waiting for? Get ready and ensure the proper framework to securely download the SIM profiles into eSIMs in consumer devices with Invigo’s eSIM Manager solution.

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