Enhancing eSIM Experience with GSMA eSIM Discovery


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital connectivity, speed, convenience, and reliability are paramount. Invigo, a main eSIM Manager solution provider, is taking a significant step towards evolving its remote eSIM provisioning solution through the integration with GSMA eSIM Discovery. The eSIM Discovery promises to simplify the activation of eSIM subscriptions, benefiting both customers and operators while addressing the current consumer eSIM challenges.

Consumer eSIM Challenges



With the current deployments, the consumers are facing several challenges affecting the widespread adoption of the eSIM technology. First, the eSIM process is partially digitized and relies heavily on user’s manual intervention. This has resulted in a new learning curve for consumers, necessitating operators to invest in, thus increasing the complexity for large scale deployment. Another challenge lies in the context of consumer IoT, particularly with devices with limited user interfaces, like those without cameras or devices that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) cannot pre-configure. These devices face complicated activation procedures, limiting their smooth integration into the eSIM ecosystem and making their adoption less straightforward.

These challenges and many others highlight the need for innovative solutions, such as the eSIM Discovery, to streamline the eSIM activation process, making it more user-friendly and efficient for consumers and MNOs alike.

Introducing GSMA eSIM Discovery

To address the above challenges, GSMA has introduced the eSIM Discovery, and Invigo has taken the lead in seamlessly incorporating this innovative service into its eSIM Manager Solution. With over 110 device models from 20 major OEMs and a staggering 38 million unique devices since 2020, this new eSIM provisioning methodology is set to transform the eSIM landscape.

Benefits of GSMA eSIM Discovery



1. Fully Digitized Enhanced User Experience

The new solution offers an end-to-end digitized eSIM experience for end users. It simplifies the user experience, eliminating the need for QR codes and reducing activation to a single click. It offers a seamless, standard flow that enhances customer satisfaction.

2. Universal and standardized

eSIM Discovery service is a universal standardized service. This reduces the service onboarding time and streamlines access for all devices that meet the specifications. Once implemented, the operator can easily enable this service for any device compliant with the specifications without the need to change in its eSIM Manager solution for every new device.

3. Ideal for Consumer IoT Devices

It is ideal for consumer IoT devices which do not need to have a camera or cannot be pre-configured by the MNOs.

eSIM Profile Download Process through GSMA eSIM Discovery


The eSIM Discovery process represents a pivotal step towards revolutionizing remote eSIM provisioning. When a customer visits a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), whether with an existing device or when purchasing a new one, the journey begins. The MNO scans the device’s eUICC Identifier (EID), prepares the eSIM profiles and registers the event on GSMA Root DS via its eSIM Manager solution, laying the foundation for seamless connectivity.  Once the device is powered on, it connects to GSMA Root DS which checks waiting events for this EID and returns the corresponding details. Subsequently, the device initiates a connection to the Subscription Management Data Preparation (SM-DP+) platform, and automatically download of the eSIM profile. With the eSIM profile downloaded and installed, the device establishes a connection to the MNO network, unlocking the world of cellular connectivity. This process, marked by its efficiency and user-friendliness, streamlines eSIM activation, ensuring that customers can enjoy a full digitized connectivity experience.


The eSIM Discovery signals a new era of remote eSIM provisioning by addressing the eSIM consumer challenges. Invigo pioneered in introducing this new service in its eSIM Manager solution, allowing the MNOs to offer an efficient and user-friendly digitized connectivity experience for their customers. With these enhancements, the future of eSIM activation looks brighter than ever.


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