SIM Advertisement

Mobile advertisement has become essential in almost every promotional strategy and an ever-growing field that provides tremendous revenue potential for both mobile operators and advertisers. Invigo SIM Advertisement allows advertisers to send interactive promotional messages. Recipients can also be prompted to provide a text response or a selection from a list, without the need for any additional applications. Responses are displayed in customizable reports and can trigger consequent actions and external systems

Key Components Of Invigo's SIM Advertisement


Advertisement Creation Tool


Targeted Subscribers Groups


Subscribers Opt-in/Opt-out Options


Broadcast Advertisement Campaigns

SIM Advertisement messages can be received and displayed by any WIB or S@T compliant SIM card, regardless of the recipient device. Invigo also offers an applet-based solution for non-WIB nor S@T compliant SIM cards, its proprietary STK SIM Advertisement applet is able to push advertising messages to a large subscribers’ SIM cards base, regardless of the handset used and according to various use cases, useful for operators and advertisers.

Types of SIM Advertisement messages

  • Information and Promotional Services
  • Subscription Enabling
  • Customer Surveys
  • Interactive Menus
  • Mobile Advertisers
  • Event Based Notifications
  • Reminder Notification

Operators’ Benefits

Cut Time

Invigo SIM Advertisement is a stellar solution allowing you to build, schedule, launch and track SIM advertisement campaigns at the same time.

Improve Effieciency

Operators will be able to target the right subscriber segments with the right mobile advertising content.

Increase Conversion Rate

Operators will benefit from a better customer reach and higher response rates as Invigo’s SIM Advertisement allows to target subscribers holding feature phones and smartphones, which guarantees a large subscriber reach and higher ARPUs.

Customer Satisfaction

Invigo’s SIM Advertisement enables you to share relevant information with your customers and to offer the right services based on their needs.