Device Data Analytics

Invigo’s Big Data Advanced Analytics help operators gain real-time insight into subscriber device change behavior and target the right subscribers in marketing campaigns.
Based on Elasticsearch engine for enhanced indexing, querying and aggregation of data, the Advanced Analytics module is a flexible report builder that allows to create reports using a comprehensive set of filters and groups, on a granular level of segmented user data and over a specific period.

The Device Data Analytics module can be integrated with the operator’s provisioning node to retrieve data about subscriber’s ARPU, data usage and tariff plan and cross this data with device information. This allows operators to identify new opportunities by tracking high-value customers and devices, to determine optimal device-SIM bundles, and thus to increase customer satisfaction and keep churn low.

Key Components of Device Data Analytics


Group level device data analytics

  • Invigo’s Group Level Device Data Analytics delivers detailed device analytics both per affiliate and in aggregate across all affiliates.

Flexible Reports

  • Interactive data visualizations based on D3 library for reporting.
  • Generation of evolution and predictive charts in the form of Pie charts, Bar & Line charts, Sankey diagrams and Map reports.
  • Reports can be saved and generated on a daily basis as marketing content and customized to become personalized user dashboards.

Operators’ Benefits

Real-time knowledge of device base
Assess investment decisions based on device penetration rate
Segment subscribers and devices (high ARPU devices, high data consumption devices)
Target subscribers with device-based promotions
Define optional SIM-device bundles